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About me

JUDr. Oto Ryneš, Jr.

JUDr. Oto Ryneš, Jr.

Since 2016 I am an independent attorney registered at the Czech Bar Association. My experience extends mainly to the real estate sector, business consulting, electromobility and IT. I also studied in the USA, Germany and New Zealand.

In the real-estate sector I can offer the following services:

  • buying and selling property,
  • drafting and review of lease agreements,
  • attorney escrow,
  • investment legal advisory,
  • development of projects.

I can also assist clients with legal issues related to entrepreneurship and small businesses in the Czech Republic.

PRAKTIK Package: 11.500 CZK

  • 2x individual consultation 45 min.
  • preparing legal documentation to the extent of 4 hours.
  • support of an attorney on the phone.

PROFI Package: 26.950 CZK

  • 3x individual consultation 60 min; possibility to represent clients in meetings with third parties and authorities.
  • preparing legal documentation and/or representation of the client to the extent of 10 hours.
  • support of an attorney on the phone.

All packages present a basic discounted offer and include VAT.

The price for any individual consultation is 2.000 CZK / hour + 21% VAT.

Meetings are held in Prague at the seat of an Attorney (Charlese de Gaulla 8, Praha 6) or on MS Teams/Zoom within the next 5 days. Under special circumstances, another meeting place can be arranged.


References and experience



I actively participate in solving important urban development issues, mainly in Central Bohemia, Southern Bohemia and Prague. Clients include real-estate owners, small and medium developers and investors.


Building and reconstruction

I like to specialise on solving joint-ownership issues and reconstructions of buildings. I assist with finding possible financing opportunities and also can arrange for necessary tax schemes.

   Building and reconstruction

Small modern projects

I very much enjoy providing legal consultation to small businesses bringing an added value to the community. It can be start-ups, family businesses or any other such ventures.

   Small modern projects

Experience from large corporate projects

I have more than 6 year experience with large corporate and investment projects, mainly in the technology and innovation sectors. I participated on providing complex legal services to one of the most successful Czech IT start-ups from their very beginnings and being actively involved in electro mobility sector for 2 years. Graduated at the Charles University Law School and also studied in New Zealand, Germany, and the United States.

   Experience from large corporate projects


Please do not hesitate to contact me at:

or you can call me every working day between 9am and 6:30pm at:

+420 773 058 507
Office address:

JUDr. Oto Ryneš, Jr.
Charlesse de Gaulla 531/8
Praha 6, 160 00
IČ: 029 558 06
Czech Bar Association Reg.No.:17012